zwilling twinox combinagelschaar 9 cm rvs

zwilling twinox combinagelschaar 9 cm rvs

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Nail scissors are small strong scissors with short, usually curved blades. They are used to shorten and shape finger- and toenails.nail scissors with a specially ground tip are called combination scissors. They are used on fingernails but also for working on sensitive corners and cuticles.a good pair of scissors is distinguished by its smooth, regular cutting action, a distinct cut and the comfortable size of the rings. Scissors that are of especially high-class quality also have a blade with a very fine micro serration. Moreover high-class manicure scissors are secured with a screw. This not only allows the blades to be precisely adjusted during assembly, but they can also easily be reground and adjusted if necessary.fingernails are shortened and shaped with a pair of nail scissors. The curvedblade is especially well suited for this purpose. Once cut into shape the nailsare smoothed with a nail file.- carbon steel, nickel-plated, forged- twinox stainless steel, forged, satin finish- dimensions 90 mm (3 1/2 )


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